Tartufi Marzoli Logo Design

Tartufi Marzoli is a Swiss brand with over 30 years of experience in the truffle market. Being an opinion leader that sells premium products, it needed a rebrand that could reflect several of its most important qualities: elegance, modernity, leadership, and do it within a design frame of minimalism and restraint.

The symbol combines several important graphic elements which were required in the original brief: the truffle symbol was reached after several revisions outlining the perfect modern truffle shape- a star with 15 points- while the texture was created to reflect a truffle’s inner texture. The two colors are a stark and bold brown that reminds the clients of the nutty and earthy aroma of the black truffle and a yellowish-brown to recreate the experience of the garlicky aroma from a white truffle. The Swiss flag was another central, important element which finds itself sitting at the top of the symbol, suggesting leadership.

The typeface used, Luxia Display, is a modern and elegant sans serif font which combines both the grace of a serif font without losing the modernity of a sans. It provides the logo a certain flair and relatability with other young brands while remaining light and original. The small details in the letters convey a premium nature; the name “Luxia” stemming from the word “luxury”.

Horizontal and compressed versions of the logo.