Next Step Power- Branding and Conference Stationery

Starting as a small team of Serbian researchers, their discoveries in the field of electricity and power grids alongside the desire to create a better planet for us to live in were the foundation of their business’ plans. To help them realize their goals, the visual identity had to reflect the most important aspects of their business.

Next Step Power wants to offer reliable, independent and environmentally clean power generators that remind us all about the responsibility of taking care of our home. With an innovative team behind, they want to make an impact on the society of tomorrow.

The symbol is clean and minimal, rich in symbolism and paired with the classic sans-serif type Avenir and a color palette that represents the dual nature of the symbol:

On one hand, the green circle is designed to represent the sun. Colored green, it makes an allusion to the idea of regenerable energy or “green power”, one of the main values of the Serbian team.

On the other hand, the blue arrow is meant to convey a sense of sharpness and duty, being oriented downwards as in communicating a sense of care towards the ground, or in this case, the Earth, representing another one of the main values of Next Step Power.

Along with the branding guidelines, I created several more lockups for the purpose of usage across multiple mediums.

With this brand revision, the logotype looks much more modern and elegant, less intrusive and feels more friendly. The symbol had several visual adjustments to be used both as stand-alone mark and to fit the logotype as one of its letters.