70 years of diplomatic relationships between China and Romania

The logo for the 70th diplomatic anniversary between China and Romania was created using the national symbolism of the two countries. The golden Aquila is the principal heraldic symbol of Romania’s national emblem and represents courage. Over it, there is a version of an escutcheon that graphically joins the two national flags: China’s 5 stars on a red background and Romania’s tricolor. Under the escutcheon, there are two Chinese characters that read as “70” (symbolizing the years of diplomatic relations between the two countries) and they serve as the Aquila’s talons.

The colors of the logo are national colors: China’s red and yellow can be found in the Chinese flag and the talons while Romania’s blue, red and yellow can be seen on the Aquila and the tricolor. The symbol’s proportions match the original proportions of the Romanian heraldic Aquila. The typography was chosen to complement the graphic design of the symbol: a clean and modern sans serif with vertical measures and straight angles.

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