Straight out of Timisoara, Romania, Florian had begun his career in graphic design as a writer for the Medium publication Muzli, where he carved a name for himself as a UX Design Top Writer.

Before, he was passionate about drawing and later on got a UX internship where he was encouraged by peers and managers and got the confidence to go out and do it on his own. FLORIAN is a by-product of such endeavor- an independent studio that deals with a hands-on approach to branding and illustration.


A closer look on today’s market will reveal what Florian would call a “race to the bottom”. Tons of businesses and entrepreneurs are following the trend of easy, cheap, “let’s test it” design and miss the importance of crafting a genuine emotional experience for their customers.

They overlook true leadership (which, in Florian’s view is the tendency to make sure that everything is perfect) and choose the path of least resistance. Most embrace the generic; few choose the path of authenticity. The design is a bridge between the customer and the message, but in today’s configuration, it lacks emotion. It is disconnected from history and overly dependent on shiny filters and the latest typefaces. To truly impact a customer, the business needs soul, and design is where the soul should be.


To finally unite the loud mouth of marketing with the deaf ears of the customers, raw emotion expressed and experienced through design that is empathetic (cares about the
customer), sophisticated (is aware of the business end) and lovable (everyone loves art and those who don’t are monsters) is where the story starts.

Florian believes that every problem has happened before and with a keen eye for patterns and an appetite for history, everything can be solved. He also believes that there is no better storyteller for your business than the attentive hand of a craftsman.


  • Branding and Identity
  • Illustration
  • Typography & Lettering



You can send inquiries by filling out the Contact Form or send a direct email to florianpopescu45@yahoo.com, stating your name, company and message.