Expertise Is an Asset Worth Investing in

You can learn to kern type as you learn to hammer nails- nail by nail.

Practice creates expertise, expertise creates opportunity, opportunity creates experience, experience creates more opportunity and better ways to handle it.

People miss this because they live in a world where they need to see the benefits of their “work” on a monthly paycheck- it doesn’t matter that the work might be sub-par, that the paycheck is not big enough or that the workplace is a dictatorship.

What matters is that the paycheck is steady- and with steadiness, you can fool yourself and others into thinking that you are secure and can brag for hours to Mom about how secure you are with the new job.

Invest in expertise, whether or not people who expect steadiness see its benefit. Perhaps you will not see its benefit either after the first two years, but no matter, you will see it after ten. And by that time, you will be able to brag about bigger and better things than the illusion of security.

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