Don’t be Loyal to a Career

A career is an abstract concept; something that other people made up and others lacking the ability to articulate complex abstractions follow blindly to try and make more money in the long-term.

Few people, by the same token, have “careers”. Most have jobs that sometimes pay well, but deep down feel like they deserve more.

Various advisors will try to improve their stats by dumbing you down a notch to what they believe “you have a chance at”. The advisors, the jobs or the careers are temptations of the material world and may not serve you as well as you want to be served. They are tools to use to make money and fund your projects. They are concepts.

Don’t be loyal to a concept; be loyal to the concrete work and its measurable impact. Be loyal to your grand strategy, and if sometimes it means abandoning a career that became unsuitable, don’t hesitate.

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