Freelancer or Business Owner

If you like (and want) to do something, don’t do it for free. As a freelancer, you have the opportunity of working with (or for) an entrepreneur that knows to hire people better than herself at certain jobs to make stuff happen.

Looking through the other lens, if you are an entrepreneur, it’s wiser to not enter a venture in which you want to be the technician.

You need to ask yourself what is more important: to do something that you want to do or be profitable. You can’t have both of them in the same venture at the same time.

Being profitable means that it’s smarter to work with the proven talent of people that are better than you at doing the hands-on work. But if the hands-on work is something you want to do, you lose, because you will never be the best person for the job that you can hire.

It’s easier to start a business you don’t want to do the hands-on work in because you will be more objective about who you bring in as a technician. It’s also easier to be the technician without having your name on the door.

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