The Job Is as Good as You…

… and you are as good as you want to be.

Don’t complain that what you do is hard or boring or it doesn’t have an impact. Don’t complain that you may not do what you *really* what you want or that you are stuck in a rut.

Just strive for better. At whatever it is that you do.

If you are a freelancer, especially if you are a freelance designer, there are countless opportunities for you to get a variety of jobs.

Yes, the market is overcrowded, and yes, a lot of designers make the craft seem “Ugly as death backing out of a shithouse reading Mad Magazine” (Happy birthday Robert Crumb by the way) and yes it does bring a negative connotation with lots of our potential clients and business partners.

But don’t complain. Any job you’ll ever have will be as good as you will be.

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