Letting Go of What Doesn’t Suit You

There are tons of hot discussion about dealing with “bad” clients or getting out of a “boring” job or letting go of a “toxic” person. Most of the times, the discussion is being carried on by someone who had an experience that did not suit them.

Don’t get me wrong. Some clients are bad, some jobs are boring and some people are toxic. But the reality is that most times, someone’s “bad” clients are someone else’s goldmine because they know exactly how to manage them. Someone’s “boring” job is someone else’s dream job because they have all the personality traits that will make them the best at that job.

You get the point.

From a young age, we are being taught to fit in, to never disagree with those that “know” what’s best for us, even though the paths laid out by parents and teachers don’t suit us.

Someone who had discovered that a client was bad for her or a job was boring just realized that the experience did not suit her. Letting go of what doesn’t suit us is not cheating ourselves out of what does suit us.

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