The Catalog of Shoulds

Everyone has a catalog of shoulds that keeps getting bigger and bigger as years pass by.

“I should improve my portfolio.”

“I should talk to that girl.”

“I should get in touch with my friend.”

“I should stop drinking.”

The catalog of shoulds is useless and drags you down. The more shoulds you pile up the list, the harder it will be to pick one of those and execute. The overwhelming number of shoulds will scare you and you will stress out, searching for alternatives.

Don’t do that. Instead, imagine if you had a catalog of let’s’.

“Let’s improve one portfolio item until it makes me proud.”

“Let’s talk to one girl.”

“Let’s message one friend I didn’t talk to in a while.”

The shoulds scare you because deep down, you don’t want to do them. The let’s’ help you see possibilities of reframing the problem and imagine ways to tackle them.

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