Freelancing as an Expert

To get to the summit of expertise, you have to climb the mountain of ignorance.

The problem is that the mountain of ignorance is mostly made by people, and some of those people become champions. When you are a champion of ignorance, the expertise never matters. What matters is always to follow the rules. To update your profile, validate your payment, pay for some tests so that a client can acknowledge you as someone she can outsource work to, but never as an expert.

Freelancers have the advantage of picking their clients; you can pick clients that want to work with an expert or clients that want to outsource some busy work that doesn’t really matter to anyone.

The idea of expertise is an interesting one. We’ve been taught to always wait for the credentials to come in to call ourselves experts. We’ve been taught to wait for the test grade before being generous with our knowledge.

What if we simply claimed we were an expert before even taking the test, and then try to perform to match the expectations we set for ourselves?

What if we (as freelancers) stopped competing in the mountain of ignorance and took a real shot for the summit of expertise? There is no test. There is no grade. There might be bad-mouthers and people that scream at you for never getting a degree, but they don’t matter. They compete in the mountain of ignorance.

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