The Right Idea is Often the First Idea

The best idea is often the first idea.

There are several reasons for this. First, your brain doesn’t have the baggage and pressures from any previous ideas. You don’t have to produce something better than what you don’t have.

Second, it’s pure creativity- often the first idea is the one that arises out of nothing. You just “get” it, and if you are diligent enough, you catch it.

Third, it’s the most original one you will come up with because it took observation and originality to recognize the opportunity to use it. Most of what you will create after the first idea is just experiments around the first idea or direct copy-cats because you feel stressed out about finding a better idea, so you push the observation part away and switch into monkey mode.

When you don’t like the first idea, it’s often because it’s rough and unrefined. You lack the skills to make it look good so you push it aside to find something easier to make look good. It’s your inner imposter syndrome that’s throwing away your first idea- not you.

To push yourself and become better, stop finding alternatives to the first idea. Just take it and make it look the best you can.

Try it for a month. See what happens.

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