Think for Yourself.

The online marketplace thrives on people’s attention. The biggest problem right now for some is how to pay attention to more things at the same time so that they can “get more traction” and be “more efficient”.

Don’t do that.

Most of those that build online machines that put out daily content don’t care about the utility of what they put out. It’s simple mathematics: the best way to be able to pump out a lot of content in a short period of time is to take a big topic, build opinions around it (sometimes tested, sometimes not), then divide it into small parts that you can share on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Your problem is that the message is cluttered, disconnected and contradictory to what others put out.

That makes sense because the owners behind the machines want their content to be different, not better.

Your best bet is to stop consuming altogether and think for yourself. It’s amazing how much you understand about business after months of not consuming daily business content from four different vendors.

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